Table of Contents

Prologue Cover
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Prologue: "Punch Drunk Dance Card"

featuring: sudden, world-altering changes; new beginnings; the advent of online journal comics; and the incessent drum beat of war

Year 2003 Cover
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2003: "In Search of a Theme Song"

featuring: the immediate effects of going to war

featuring: crazy Savannah antics, the changing face of Pakmail, my first comic convention, Survivor Carrie, the end of the war, the departure of Kate, and a wild wilderness vacation

featuring: a bike accident, a monsoon, car troubles, a Gamecube, the introduction of Chip, local syndication, and the continuing search for closure

featuring: a dislocated shoulder, nightmares, finding direction, the cost of war, the departure of James, the capture of Saddam Hussein, and a very Michigan family Christmas

Year 2004 Cover
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2004: "Chasing Dreams"

featuring: absent friends, a Savannah Valentine's Day, South Asian Carrie, moving anxiety, PakMail overload, and saying goodbye to the South

featuring: the wonders of Chicago, apartment hunting, the perils of moving, elusive jobs, the SPX Anthology, and the crazy house

featuring: news form the front lines, family time, terrible haircuts, our neighbors, and tons of crazy

featuring: more crazy, a national election, actor headshots, relationship strains, a class reunion, and home for Christmas