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8.5x11", 150dpi
136 pages
color cover
mostly black & white
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contains 201 comic strips


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Welcome To The Big City!

What do you do after you’re done taking your big post-college break from the world? You dive head-first into the deep end of the real-world pool!

After life took an unexpected detour at the end of college, Chuck spent two years putting himself back together again. But when his friends start moving to Chicago one-by-one to pursue their dreams, it is time for this comic book artist-turned-actor to get back in the saddle and do the same. The Windy City is a bigger place than he’s ever lived, and before he and his friends can chase their dreams, they must first battle unemployment, low-paying day jobs, a giant and often confusing new city, relationships stress, and a metropolis full of strange and crazy people.

Dumbstruck, Volume 2: Chasing Dreams collects the second year of Dumbstruck comic strips. This volume contains over 200 strips– including 39 strips created especially for this collection, 11 strips never published online, and a slew of original illustrations.

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