News: September 15, 2018

Expanded Store Options!

New comics photoI debuted a number of cool new items at this year’s Small Press Expo, including the newly completed Volume 3 of Dumbstruck! This year-long collection of journal comics charts my first steps (and missteps) toward breaking into the Chicago theatre scene post-college. As usual, this book contains a number of strips not available here on the website along with new illustrations and behind-the-scenes goodies.

Two of my minicomics are also now available for purchase in both physical and digital versions, one of them featuring the lovable misadventures of my brand new kitten, Daphne Trouble. I’ve also got full-color Daphne Trouble art prints and buttons for sale. Head on over to the store and have a look!

Latest comic (created/updated Sep 24, 2018)

Dec 30, 2005: Conceited Much?


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